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Paddlesport valet service

 Paddle Express specializes in both guided kayak instruction and rentals with delivery and pickup.  Paddle Express has paddle sport equipment from beginning to advanced level units available based on 4 decades of exploration around the Grand Circle.  Paddle Express has the most novel selection of paddle sport rentals, events, and event locations available in the area and has a target for .007 of the market.  With that comes the personal shore side service of a hard working professional trying to keep expenses low, and experiences highly appreciated.     Paddle boards, kayaks, canoes, fishing kayaks, fishing SUPs, outrigger canoes, kayaks, rafts, wind and solar sailing equipment as well!  With Lake Powell Paddle Express the process is first class plus some of your money goes back into the National Park.Book a sunset or sunrise tour today

  Delivery, and pickup included in the paddle sport rental allows the customers extra time to enjoy vacation experiences while in the local area.    Bookings with pets and or  children are required to send advance notice for final approval, failure to do so may constitute cancellation on the spot if it compromises the days schedule or might be too dangerous to paddle.  Due to the extra time it takes to accommodate families and pet parents, and or the weather bookings may or may not be available for parents.. Shoulder season SUPs are not sent out in any winds, and shoulder season winds may cancel any kayak reservation as well.  Cellphone service is remote while Paddle Express is at the launch ramp during business hours handling customers so text messages are best.  With lake levels extremely low please allow for extra time from your vehicle.  The goal is to help you chase the next experience, and feel VIP while doing it.  We know how VIP handle time, and time is of the essence at Paddle Express.  Delivery and pickup included in all single day rental prices unless a customer ask for a self haul(discount may be applied).  Launch and retrieve services are included in single day rental prices.  Save effort, energy, and time to create more memories on the water.    Rentals include paddles, and a life vest.  Rentals do not include a trash service, and you will be asked to take trash to the bin on the truck.  Time is money, and money is time at Paddle Express so late arrivals or late returns (after sunset) will be charged.  Be punctual, please.  Other customers depend on us to be on time, and so does the entire experience system.  Day or day before of bookings (48 hour windows) please call or text Sean directly (928) 614-1728 to make sure he can fit you in the schedule.  Text is the best way to check in as the remote service area prevents Sean from getting emails right away when he is at the launch ramp with customers.  Sean looks forward to launching you next so check in 60 minutes prior to your arrival to make sure you show up in the correct park lot and walk down the correct Launch Ramp. Early morning reservations please check in the night before for weather purposes, extreme conditions (too cold) may cause delays.  In the remote service area even Verizon the strongest provider struggles with data updates on the MMS system.  SMS is faster! The prices are reasonable because Paddle Express doesn’t have a front office and therefore overhead is low.  Sean is a one man band most of the time making it happen for YOU!  Time is a precious commodity around the lake, and Paddle Express is busy with customers day of so please do your research, be a student, come prepared, and be punctual.  Make sure you check in, please.  Early morning reservations please check in the night before as well for weather conditions.   Paddle Express is not a google service or a SIRI😉.   Paddle Express can run across unforeseen conditions with other customers and allows up to 10 minutes past reservation time without being considered late for a delivery.  Expect delays in the budget 5 hour (Peak season) DIY bookings on weekends as these are high volume low service price points for the bargain adventurers out there.  Thank you very much have a great day.


Colorado River history 

Colorado River Compact

Colorado River Compact (water resources agreement) was signed by President Hoover in 1922 and roughly 15 million acre foot of water was allocated annually down stream.  The number of 15 MAF was projected based off of numbers from the decade before, the 1910s.  Historically over the century the 1910s ended up being a well above average decade for precipitation  and overall watershed numbers within the upper basin region.  The last two decades index in drought categories with average yields of roughly just under 12 million acre foot.  20 years of 3 million acre feet shy produces lakeshore loss and an average of 5-10 foot drops annually causing Lake Powell to be nearly 150’ below full capacity and barely 30% full.

Colorado River impact

Colorado River region is separated by the upper and lower basins.  The biggest industry the Colorado River impacts is the agricultural industry.  1/5 of the 15 MAF goes to the Imperial Valley.  The Imperial Valley is the lettuce capital of the world and the annual gross is currently 1.4 billion in revenue and approximately 12 % of the U.S. GDP.

Colorado River basins

Lake Powell is in the lower part of upper Colorado River basin.  Next is Lake Mead, then Lake Mojave and finally Lake Havasu.  

Want to learn more about DIY Tours? Text or Call (928) 614-1728.  Please text before doing online booking during peak season.  Paddle Express reserves the right to cancel and refund even day of due to high risk weather conditions.   Online booking fees are non refundable if you book without contacting (928) 614-1728 via text as the remote service area becomes a challenge to get last minute bookings updated and processed as the Owner is at the launch ramp providing service to the already  booked customers. More information is provided in the FAQ section. Thank you 


Express Reservations 

Need to make a reservation request for last minute day of Express delivery?  Text (928) 614-1728

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