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Paddlesport valet service

Lake Powell Paddle Express is an authorized and licensed commercial Outfitter inside of Glen Canyon National Park. Paddle Express adheres to National Park regulations and guidelines. If you want a casual unregulated experience book with someone else who is not authorized within the National Park please and be ready to do all your own labor with self transport, thank you.   With Lake Powell Paddle Express the rental process is first class without the high price tag plus some of your money goes back into the National Park.  Delivery and pickup included in the paddle sport rental allows the customers extra time to enjoy vacation experiences.  Launch and retrieval is an additional service fee on top of the rental delivery and pickup.  Self transport is available as well but will be filtered.  The goal is to help you chase the next experience and feel VIP while doing it.  Eliminate the stress of loading and unloading.  Save effort, energy and time to create more memories on the water.    Rentals include paddles, life vest, seats and assistance (depending on your booking package) getting the gear from the trailer to the shore and back on the rack!  Rentals do not include a trash service and you will be charged for leaving trash or any other incidentals during your booking like late arrivals or late returns.  Day of bookings please call or text Sean directly (928) 614-1728.  Text is the best way to check in as the remote service area prevents Sean from getting emails right away when he is at the launch ramp with customers.  Sean looks forward to launching you next so give a heads up that you booked before you show up.  In the remote service area even Verizon the strongest provider struggles with data updates on the MMS system.  SMS is faster! Please on the day of don’t ask questions you can Google as Sean is getting customers gear at the launch ramp and it’s difficult to handle.  The prices are reasonable because Paddle Express doesn’t have a front office and therefore overhead is low.  Sean is a one man band making it happen for YOU!  Time is a precious commodity around the lake and Paddle Express is busy with customers day of so please do you research and come prepared.  Paddle Express is not a google service or a SIRI so don’t expect INSTANT gratification answers when we know you can do a few seconds of research.  If this offends you book with a company that makes you do more of the physical work on the back end and have a great day!!


Why Rent With Us?

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Paddle Express guarantees to provide the highest level of professionalism, service, and the best possible experience you can have at Lake Powell. You will leave a satisfied customer and wont hesitate to tell all of your friends about Paddle Express at Lake Powell.  Paddle Express has customers coming back for more experiences, and values feedback from every adventure.  

Professional Approach

Paddle Express customers get the best value for their money spent and the approach proves it.  You will be treated first class and provided all the information you need to on the website and when arriving for your reservation.  If you fail to check in prior don’t expect a ton of attention and know you are one of many customers on the day.  Please don’t act better than the rest or have more entitlement than the services you paid for in order to have the best experience possible.  Paddle Express wants to put role players on the water not a roster full of individual stars on the day.  

Personalized Attention

Driven by quality, Paddle Express has been at it long enough to know how important it is to provide top notch rentals and value customer service.  When you need help or guidance on which product to choose, trust the real pros.  Nothing better than feeling VIP.

Want to learn more about DIY Tours? Text or Call (928) 614-1728.  Please text before doing online booking during peak season.  Paddle Express reserves the right to cancel and refund even day of due to high risk weather conditions.   Online booking fees are non refundable if you book without contacting (928) 614-1728 via text as the remote service area becomes a challenge to get last minute bookings updated and processed as the Owner is at the launch ramp providing service to the already  booked customers. More information is provided in the FAQ section. Thank you 


Express Reservations 

Need to make a reservation request for last minute day of Express delivery?  Text (928) 614-1728

2020 Industrial DrivePage, Az 86040

(928) 614-1728

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