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Horseshoe bend paddle

The most incredible way to experience the Colorado river is to challenge yourself and your knowledge of River 1 paddlesport. Kayaking or Paddleboarding up river 9 miles to Horseshoe bend is possible and probably the most phenomenal way to get the experience of the entire event. Sure the back haul is quick and fun, but there's something ultra unique about human powered ultra adventures that capture your soul in a way that nothing has before.

Plan for two days and one night, first camping grounds are at 6 mile beach so the key is to get an early start to day 1 so you're not chasing or burning daylight to get to camp. Getting to camp via the back Eddie's and walking the sandy beaches along the majestic cliffs is truly the most amazing part of the experience. Throwing out the human power assistance makes you get in touch with your forefathers and mothers who at one point in time relied on their feet and hands for travel. Tap that aspect of your brain and check into your peak self with an epic world class adventure while you're amazed at how little you spent for such joy. Come discover the unique beauty of nature without the sounds of engines or the smell of fumes along your way.

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