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Nautical twilight bucket list tour

Have you ever been active in a dream doing something you couldn't quite understand yet you felt so connected to the experience it made you want to get back to sleep so you could re enter that dream state?

Jumping into the dream state, the Nautical twilight Experience at Lake Powell is a once and a lifetime adventure where worlds of reality collide into our imagination. Time and time again customers are thrilled with the discovery of silence and the beauty of the Lake Powell wilderness. Tall towering cliffs and calm water exaggerates the wonderful traits Navajo Sandstone is world famous for.

The hikers dream starts with being lead by Nautical lights, navigational bouys, and soon to follow the glow highlights the spectacular setting of sand and water, cliffs and water, stars, and moonlight. At that time the kayak beg to glide through the calm water and at that point the connection begins. You begin to experience the silence, and you slow down your paddle rhythm to glide even more because your eyes see wonders of the galaxy. In that moment you connect to a second level of awesome. Silence and a chance to be aware of your biggest noise being your breathing.

Upon entering this third level of awareness the dream of connecting multiple levels of your day to day self come true. You become aware of simple things like silence in nature, or now understanding your breathing better, or tuning your eyes to a nocturnal state during Nautical twilight. It's simply amazing and indescribable for your brain to process with your body during the journey.

Before you know it the glow of the sunrise helps project ambient lighting through the remarkable paddle in Antelope Canyon and the 1.5 miles through the cliffs and narrow waterways brings top notch photographs along with a mind blowing feeling that sets you ready for the hike of your lifetime. You are about to adventure in Antelope Canyon, the world famous bucket list slot canyon, but you just did the worlds greatest slot canyon kayak tour so this is even better. You get on foot with an extra boost for adventure now that you're game just elevated several levels with your peak experience. The thoughts of being in a back to back peak adventure provides excellent pump and flow through the neurological system and your next level begins.

Now on foot, the silicate of the sandstone really starts to glow and create different pockets of lighting that you've never been in before. The double header peak adventure is now on full demand because the reel is real. You are the real at that point. The months of seeing it on your social feeds because AI programs your likes and leads you into these matrixes of a space in time you want to now.

You're water never taste so good, the simple trail snack has never been better, and getting out of bed in the odd hours of the morning while on vacation was the best thing ever.

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