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Ultra-paddle day trip to Labyrinth Canyon

Kayaking from Antelope Point Public Launch Ramp (mile marker 4) to Labyrinth Canyon (mile marker 15) This peak experience isn't for everyone so don't let it intimidate you. Some like to spread out the 37 round trip miles (between paddling the canyon and hiking) over several days to enjoy the lake while others like a good challenge and decide it can be done in a day in roughly 14 hours from sunrise to sunset, right around the summer solstice.

Details: departure from Antelope Point Public Launch Ramp and head up lake on the main channel past Antelope Point Marina towards Warmcreek bay and the main channel narrows to mile marker 9 that is on the east side of Antelope Island at the junction of Wahweap bay and the narrows heading up to Gunsight, Padre Bay, Face Canyon and all other destinations up lake. For the long multiple day trips this spot is a great location to camp as there is a cove with a great view of the sunrise for your 2nd day of paddling as you just went 5/6 miles from the launch ramp.

If you're doing the ultra-adventure pace, this is a good spot to break for a snack and a stretch as once you get in the narrows you won't have shoreline to rest, it will be canyon walls for the next 6-8 miles and only some difficult spots of steep sandstone shoreline to exit the kayak. You will find a nice beach to the south just past the long stretch of the narrows and only a few hundred yards from the opening of Labyrinth Canyon. If you're on a multi day trip this is another phenomenal spot to set up camp however you still have another 2 miles into the canyon from that point, so consider logistics accordingly. Those who are on the single day ultra-adventure can get out to snack, stretch, etc. it's crucial to grab rest time as this point is roughly 15 miles from the Antelope Point Public Launch Ramp and you are probably about 5 hours into your event. Soaking in the cool water is a great way to "take a water break" and recharge your batteries for the next leg.

Once you start paddling into the opening of Labyrinth Canyon you can look behind you and see the epic cliffs of Padre Bay and all of the iconic aspects of Lake Powell in that glance, and rest assured the sensation of the most epic ultra-paddle-adventure is literally at your fingertips as you glide through vibrant backgrounds and start the process of Paddl into one of the most profound, and isolated slot canyons in the West.

About a mile in the canyon opens up, and you get to a fork with the options to Labyrinth West or East. East is a better hike, and a friendly shoreline to exit the kayak on while west is more technical, and difficult to enter due to the nature of how tight it gets. With the water levels being so low the hike into Labyrinth West is about 3 miles one way and then you get to the slot canyon. With the wash of the slot expect a wet trail with reeds and a somewhat marshland environment in certain areas. Be advised to keep your eyes out for snakes. Carrying a paddle with you and using it as a hiking stick and sad mess for snake protection is not a silly thing.

Labyrinth Canyon is textured like Antelope Canyon, it has similar features with the curved sandstone shelf's and scalloped walls. Some features are more dramatic compared to Antelope Canyon and overall the feeling you get knowing you sacrificed comfort for solitude is remarkable. You realize Antelope Canyon is easy to get to and the peak experience of paddling to Labyrinth Canyon is next level whether you did it in a day or multi day trip. For those who are on the multiple day trip the beach just outside Labyrinth Canyon is a very neat place to see the stars at night because of the dark skies.

Key essentials to bring: water, food, snacks, eyewear, hat, sunscreen, proper clothing and footwear and first aid kit if not in a guided experience.

Key accessories for comfort: external power pack for devices for content creation and safety communication, water filter for emergency, shade tarp/tent, fishing pole and gear, lighter for camp fire, proper sleeping bag.

Personal note: less is more on this adventure but some things are crucial for the experience. Touring kayaks are fast but initial stability can be tricky with the wrong camp gear making them top heavy.

Things to consider: How fast does one paddle? Usually 2knots is about right for most who paddle 5 miles round trip to Antelope Canyon in the day kayaks. The longer more sleek touring kayaks cruise at 1.5-2.5 knots depending on what kind of shape you are in. It's a marathon of an adventure so the pace is better taken at a leisure time compared to being in a hurry. Enjoy the vibe you get while slowing things down on your next ultra peak adventure at Lake Powell with Lake Powell Paddle Express.

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