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Single sit inside kayaks

Lake Powell Paddle Express standard single kayak is the Old Town Vapor 10 and Vapor 10XL.  These kayaks are light weight, Paddle fast, track well, and keep you very dry minus some paddle splash.  The Vapor cockpit is very open and spacious for extra comfort along your adventure.   Sit inside kayaks are not the type that you get out of in the middle of the lake to go swimming however the lower center of gravity means the paddle energy dissipation is less than a sit in top.  Work less enjoy more.  We carry a limited supply of sit on tops during the summer peak season, available per special request.    Sit inside kayaks are super stable, and the best choice for a great kayaking experience during every season.  During the summer they can be a little hot but they are faster in the water than a sit on top and handle the obnoxious boat chop better than sit on tops because you have a lower center of gravity. A very limited supply of 12’ sit insides are also available for those larger adults.


Tandem sit inside kayaks

Lake Powell Paddle Express provides Old Town Heron Twin XLs as the standard double kayak available for rent.  This extra stable, and steady kayak is great for 2 or can paddle well as a single if you have a pet.  The auto design hull is created for the 13.5’ kayak to handle well when paddling solo.  This kayak keeps paddlers very dry as water does not shed through holes like the sit on top ocean type kayaks.  The sit inside is a phenomenal experience as it is more stable, faster, and glides better than a sit on top tandem because the center of gravity is lower in the water.   With low water levels, and extremely choppy conditions the Heron cuts through the wild wave energy better as a result of the lower center of gravity.  Work less, enjoy more.  Paddle past the other rentals in their sit on tops as they bob, and weave through the boat chop that is bouncing off the canyon walls from breakfast till happy hour.  Sit insides glide through the chop more efficiently compared to the sit on tops with their high center of gravity. Paddle Express does have a 16’ high capacity touring tandem available as an upgrade for those larger adults who have a combined load of over 450.  Paddle Express keeps a small inventory early in the season.


How long is the hike at Antelope and other details?

The walk-hike is usually 2/3 hours round trip.  At current water levels the canyon narrows in 75 minutes into the walk then it opens to a fork. The quick experience turns around at that time and returns.  Some people enjoy lunch in the east fork or want to continue straight until the trail stops at a dry water fall.  The section from the fork to the dry water fall is open and very ordinary. The paddle from the launch ramp to the canyon shore is roughly 2.5 miles long with the round trip being 5 miles.  The first and last mile of the paddle is in the main channel of the lake and can get very choppy, more than oceanic conditions as the canyon walls bounce energy.  This section of the lake has very limited shoreline so the waves get fractured into peaks that come from all directions.  Be prepared for motion sickness during peak season for those who are prone to it.


What’s happening to the water?

Many are asking what is happening to the water?  Two decades of drought in the region has brought low annual watershed numbers in the last 22 years and counting.  When customers arrive they will be able to see the high water mark indicator of white calcium bleeding into the red sandstone settings.  Many of the lakes shorelines are muddy and silty depending on where you are.  At the end of any bay or canyon expect serious amounts of muddy conditions when you take your first few steps out of the kayak in ankle deep water or right on the actual first few inches of beach.


Antelope Canyon Express DIY tours

Antelope Canyon Express DIY tours.  All rental gear is delivered, and picked up at the shoreline unless it’s an off-season self haul or custom reservation. The meeting location is at the bottom of the launch ramp.  If you’re late gear will be dropped in the loading zone near the shore.  Please don’t be late!  The picture above is a map of the area.  Depending on where you are staying in Page expect 10-12 miles from door to shore.  Paddle Express is 8.3 miles from Antelope Point Public Launch Ramp for the self hauling DIYs.   Full day rentals for all rentals.  Must be off the water before sunset.  Please check in 1 hour prior to arrival.  Early morning reservations please check in the night before for last minute information updates like weather conditions.  Canyon air temps can be hotter than ambient air during the summer because of radiating heat on rocks and sand.  The canyon can be much colder than air temps in the colder seasons because of moisture and long period shadows keeping rock and sand cold.  From the city of Page take 98 east to n22b to Antelope Point Public Launch Ramp.  Park in the parking lot and walk down the cement launch ramp.  


Wahweap bay at Stateline 

Reservation time is Az MST for delivery at Stateline.  Delivery is at the bottom of the cement launch ramp and customers can park in the paved parking lot at the top. Customers will communicate their return time at meeting location.  Wahweap bay is a phenomenal experience during the power boating off season as the water will likely be calm, and mirror like producing unbelievable conditions.  Plenty of places for adventure camping too.


Guided kayak instruction

Have a desire to go on a kayaking tour and learn a few things about becoming a better kayaker?  Book a sunrise or a sunset tour with Paddle Express and Sean will coach you up and help you understand where you can improve your form.  Along the guided tour you will learn about the Geology of Glenn Canyon and the history of Lake Powell and the Colorado river.  Sean has spent over 15 years coaching baseball along with high performance professionals and looks forward to helping you get better too.



Lake Powell Paddle Express has canoes from 14’-17’ available for your next adventure.  We can rent a two canoe outrigger that would connect the two for those who want to keep the group together. Ask about the canoe-catamaran with electric solar assistance for your next multi day multi-person adventure up-lake! Enjoy  the solar  assistance energy experience with a smart canoe.


Houseboat and multiple day rentals

Houseboat rental and multiple day rentals are prices without delivery.  Prices are for pick up and drop off, delivery is not included.   Delivery to the closest ramp is available if the schedule is open for the driver.  Request for delivery with advanced notice reservation is possible.  Delivery fee can be up to $50 (2 hours round trip shop time) gratuity fee is 20%.  Paddle Express does not swim vessels out to the boat in the main channel as a delivery method.  If it works out that your houseboat can stop at Antelope Point at the time Paddle Express is there a delivery fee is waived.  We provide self haul soft racks for your vehicle.  Check out the phenomenal weekend rental packages rent two days get the third free! Also check out the pick 3 houseboat weekly rental deal, it’s a home run! Book with Paddle Express for your next big adventure!


Weather, booking fees, times zones, cancellations, and refunds

Paddle Express provides refunds on the booking rate minus the 6% booking fee at checkout charged by the online booking system, that is a separate process.  Paddle Express values the hard work, personal attention, and after hours help provided by the online booking system Indexic of S.C. 🇺🇸 and values customers as well. For any weather related cancellations Paddle Express will process a refund on the rental rate that day and make a personal payment of the 6% booking fees to you within the following business week. For advanced bookings of 48 hours or more Paddle Express will refund the booking fee for customers without any hassle for any cancellation reason. Please check weather for wind, precipitation, fire smoke, heat warnings. For canceling inside of 24 hours due to poor planning Paddle Express issues a partial refund of 50% and make sure you check your time zones when traveling the Grand Circle.  Paddle Express operating time zone is the same as the city of Page, or Phoenix Az time or for the technical ones Mountain Time (MST).  For reservations that book inside of a 48 hour window weather is the cancellation factor Paddle Express will not be able to provide a refund of the booking fee but you will get a refund on the rental rate, please check weather reports for precipitation, wind, air quality (fire smoke) and potential excessive heat warnings. Seven day forecast are usually pretty decent, 5 days are fair, 3 days are good, 48 hour is better and 24 hour is best.  Customers who have to cancel because of travel issues outside of 48 hours Paddle Express will provide a refund of rate, and fees.  Travel related cancellations may be arbitrary and subject to partial refund of inside 48 hours.  Please be a responsible planner, and don’t overbook the schedule.  Injuries can happen when pushing too hard for the next adventure so please take caution stay hydrated before your rentals with Paddle Express.  If you have a medical emergency and can’t make the reservation Paddle Express will provide refund for the rental rate and the booking fees.