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Ocean Kayak Malibu 9.5 sit on top kayak


Ocean Kayak Malibu 9.5 sit on top is a very popular rental kayak at Lake Powell.  Several outfitters have these recreational class kayaks as their staple rentals.  Give Lake Powell Paddle Express a call and get the best price in town with delivery and pick up.

Ocean Kayak sit on top Tandem


The Ocean Kayak sit on top tandem is the most popular tandem kayak amongst the Outfitters at Lake Powell.  Available in regular and XL. The XL provides room for a pet or small child, these boats are a favorite in the recreational class of tandem kayaks. 

Hobie mirage singles


Want to kayak without your arms?  Try out these high performance pedal drive kayaks from Hobie.  Kayak around the lake in style and grab all the attention with the best rental around.  Take pictures or relax at a smooth pace through the water with these elite performers.

Hobie mirage tandem


Want to enjoy the tandem kayak experience at a different level?  Book this super fast Hobie pedal drive tandem for a day adventure or overnight excursion.  With a 500 pound capacity you can load this kayak and go!  Book the best tandem on the water today.

Hobie sit on top tandem


Want to paddle a tandem that is faster than the run of the mill rentals here at Lake Powell?  Book one of our exclusive 14’ Hobie tandems.  Breeze past the people kayaking into Antelope or around Lone Rock in a boat that is a step above the competition and rent a touring class vessel today.  You can get the family pet on board or the small child in the designated 3rd seat.

Hobie deluxe singles


Lake Powell Paddle Express offers Hobie deluxe class singles for those who want to take their adventures to the next level and pack some gear or bring your pet.  These 14’ kayaks are capable of hauling 400 pounds while maintaining super fast capabilities.  Paddle and glide in fashion or pack out and go camping with these elite kayaks.

Old Town sit inside singles


Looking to go out on the lake but want to stay dry? The Old Town Vapor is a stable and efficient kayak for a day trip on the lake.

Perception tribe 13.5t


Do you have want a bleacher back seat that provides extra comfort along your journey? Book the 2020 Perception Tribe 13.5 tandem.

Stand Up Paddle Board


Lake Powell Paddle Express has a variety of Stand Up Paddle Boards to rent.  Call today and book your next adventure with Paddle Express!

Looner Express 


Lake Powell Paddle Express has a few different sit inside tandems available from beginners to advanced experience.  This tandem is wonderful for both beginners and advanced kayakers.  With a foot controls rudder the front paddler will steer the kayak along the journey.  The 16’ length creates a little extra glide along the way

Touring class singles


The touring class single is available in a few different sizes and options.  Be sure to contact Paddle Express for you next adventure in Lake Powell in one of the touring kayaks available.  Experienced kayakers only.

Day touring sit inside kayaks


Get out of the elements and get inside one of the sit inside kayaks Lake Powell Paddle Express has to offer. Different sizes and styles available.  Fill out the contact us form for more information.

Wilderness Pamlico 13.5t sit inside 


Wilderness Pamlico 13.5t premium sit inside tandem.  This premier sit inside tandem has upgraded seats for the ultra sport kayaking experience.  Adjusting seats and foot rest provides the tandem kayakers plenty of leg room and custom seat positions.

Old Town Heron 12txl


The Old Town Heron 12txl is a sit inside tandem that is really stable and has leg room in the back for a pet or cooler. This extremely stable kayak offers plenty of room for the family pet too.  

Wilderness Pamlico 13.5 single


The Wilderness Pamlico 13.5 is available as a deluxe single.  Pack up and head out for an overnight adventure with the Pamlico 13!

Old Town Heron txl


Pack up the Old Town Heron XL can be used as a single to pack up for an overnight adventure.  Load up and go!

Cresent Kayak SUP+


The Cresent SUP+ is a great option for those who want to spend time on the water enjoying both kayaking and paddle boarding.  The SUP+ comes with a seat for the kayak experience.  

Jonny Boat Bass 100


The Bass 100 is an extra wide and stable kayak for the lounging type paddler.  This kayak is a great platform for fishing.  Weekly rental rates available.


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