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Lake Powell Paddle Express standard single sit on top kayaks.  You're not hitting the water to break any records you'd rather simply enjoy yourself while you paddle. The Ocean Kayak Malibu 9. 5 Kayak is the recreational vessel that will have you cruising through the surf and floating with your friends in comfort. Its stable profile makes propulsion and tracking straight a breeze and its design includes an adjustable seat and a wide array of foot wells and calf rests that fit almost any height paddler for all-day comfort.



Lake Powell Paddle Express provides Old Town  Dirigo as the standard double kayak available for rent and for tours.  This kayak is the best tandem available for a day in the canyon.  The sleek 15.6’ hull has plenty of glide and really paddles well.  This kayak keeps paddlers very dry as water does not shed through holes like the sit on top ocean type kayaks. You might get the occasional boat wave to swamp over you with a decent splash but  refreshing in the summer.   The sit inside is a phenomenal experience as it is very stable, fast, and glides better than a sit on top tandem because the center of gravity is lower in the water.   Paddle Express does have sit on top tandems available.  



The sit inside day trip kayak is a comfortable way to adventure in all seasons.  Contrary to popular beliefs, less than 1% of all sit on top kayakers that day tour Antelope know how to execute a deep water wet exit so Paddle Express is confident, and assure your experience on the water will be phenomenal with the Old Town Vapor 10 boat.  It’s a highly reviewed paddle craft for calm or rough waters.  They are great for the river too.  The wide open cockpit is super friendly and easy to get in and out of.  Plenty of room for your gear for the day or overnight trip.



Paddle Express has Perception Ramblers for sit on top double kayaks.  Rambler tandems are great for the waterway at Lake Powell.  Stable and able to handle the boat waves well as it is a white water rated tandem that is friendly to paddlers and tracks well.  Paddle Express has premium upgraded seats with high seat backs to add to the comfort of your day on the water.  Whether you’re adventure is just for the day or overnight you can enjoy the 13.5’ long tandem and it’s 550 pound capacity.  It does have the option for a third seat for the small family or the pet parents who like to bring their furry friends.  The supremely stable sit-on-top design is exceptionally safe and easy for anyone to get in and out of. The roomy, two-person design maintains the maneuvers well and it’s unique hull design gives it adding stability and has room for a plus one toddler and can be seen  as the 3 seat kayak (bring the extra seat and vest).  Features like easy-access storage and spacious seats that are padded and adjustable mean maximum comfort while enjoying your water experiences.



Hobie pedal drive kayaks are available for tours and multiple day trips.  Please call in for more information and set concerning your reservation thank you.  



Reservation time is Az MST for delivery at Stateline and Antelope Launch ramp. Dry bags are available for rent must be reserved ahead of time.  Delivery is at the bottom of the cement launch ramp.  Kayaks will be dropped at a drop zone near the trailer unloading zone or near the closest shoreline.  They have Paddle Express written on them.  If you check in late or don’t receive a text back Sean is on a tour and will not be there to assist.  Shoreline assistance is on the backside of the rental where you pay extra for the kayak to be bro back to the drop zone.  The water is currently the rising making it easy to get beach access in the area and there are pockets of flat water inside the no wake zones for miles for beginners to learn how to advance their paddle skills with rentals guided tours or instructional tours. Rental customers will communicate their return time at meeting location.  Wahweap bay is a phenomenal experience during the power boating off season as the water will likely be calm, and mirror like producing unbelievable conditions.  Plenty of places for adventure camping too.



Have a desire to go on a kayaking tour and learn a few things about becoming a better kayaker?  Book a tour with Paddle Express your guide Coach Sean is a certified Level 2 kayak and paddle board instructor along with being well versed in the Geology of Glenn Canyon and the history of Lake Powell and the Colorado river.  



Lake Powell Paddle Express has canoes from 14’-17’ available for your next adventure.  We can rent a two canoe outrigger that would connect the two for those who want to keep the group together. Ask about the canoe-catamaran with electric solar assistance for your next multi day multi-person adventure up-lake! Enjoy  the solar  assistance energy experience with a smart canoe.  Please call ahead for reservations with canoes.



Houseboat rental and multiple day rentals are prices without delivery.  Prices are for pick up and drop off, delivery is not included.   Delivery to the closest ramp is available if the schedule is open for the driver.  Request for delivery with advanced notice reservation is possible.  Delivery fee can be up to $50 (2 hours round trip shop time) gratuity fee is 20%.  Paddle Express does not swim vessels out to the boat in the main channel as a delivery method.  If it works out that your houseboat can stop at Antelope Point at the time Paddle Express is there a delivery fee is waived.  We provide self haul soft racks for your vehicle.  Check out the phenomenal weekend rental packages rent two days get the third free! Also check out the pick 3 houseboat weekly rental deal, it’s a home run! Book with Paddle Express for your next big adventure!



Paddle Express reduces cost by not having a true walk in store front and it also reduces the need for employees.  The front office is an online booking system that charges 6% of the reservation tour or rental. The Glen Canyon National Park entrance fees are not included in the reservation. The reservation price is set below market value so the price point after the booking fee is still competitive.  Full ticket price refunds are issued due to weather or travel or illness, last minute injuries from at risk conduct such as off highway vehicle accidents are not refundable as that behavior is at your own risk.  Paddle Express values the hard work, personal attention, and after hours help provided by the online booking system Indexic of S.C. 🇺🇸 and values customers as well. Advanced bookings: For advanced reservations outside of a week ahead: any weather, travel or illness related cancellations (non adventure accidents) Paddle Express will process a refund on the rental rate that day and make a personal payment of the 6% booking fees to you.  Adventure accidents inside of 96 hours get a voucher for another day, as we understand accidents, but also understand the importance of knowing what’s an at risk behavior prior to a reservation.  Last minute bookings inside of 96 hours:  Please check weather for wind, precipitation, fire smoke, heat warnings if you book and the weather is bad the 6% will not be refunded as it’s not that hard to be an adult and research weather conditions.  Winds above 10mph are a red flag and same with thunderstorms.  Paddle Express operating time zone is the same as the city of Page, or Phoenix Az time.  Seven day forecast are usually pretty decent, 5 days are fair, 3 days are good, 48 hour is better and 24 hour is best.  Customers who have to cancel contact Paddle Express, any cancellation inside of 48 hours will have a 50% cancellation charge to the refund. Environmental injuries such as extreme temperature exposure during early acclimation can happen when pushing too hard for the next adventure so please take caution stay hydrated before your day with Paddle Express.  All after hours reservations made during extreme weather events such as heat warnings are subject to cancellation without refund of the 6% booking fee.  Please check your weather for wind, heat, lightning, or any severe weather.  For those who are traveling from outside the area day of Paddle Express will not take your reservation during the summer as heat exhaustion is very likely due to prolonged exposure.  



Paddle Express has a variety of options for your day on the water.  From 10’ to 12’ we have the right fit for your wants and needs.   We have rigid and inflatable options available as well as hybrid SUP kayak options.   Performance boards, touring, fishing, and recreational boards for your river or lake adventures.   Please call (928) 614-1728 to get the right board for your style.  

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