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Paddle Express delivery operations at Antelope Point Public Launch Ramp for the Antelope Canyon Do It Yourself tours: Look for a Paddle Express door magnet on a white older body style Ford crew cab truck located at the bottom of the public launch ramp at Antelope Point.  The public launch is not to be confused with the Marina docks.  From highway 98 exit n22b and head north towards the Antelope Point Entrance booth.  Enter and stay straight around to the left will be the parking lot for the public launch ramp.  Do not make a right to the Marina.  Continue on n22b to the end of the road n22b.  There is not a physical address to put into GPS.  Paddle Express will be down at the bottom with your gear on the reservation time. 



Lake Powell Paddle Express is committed to providing customers with a great experience. The rentals are delivered and picked up at the bottom of the launch ramp.  The trail from the launch ramp to the shoreline can be steep and challenging for some, please be advised.  Half day kayaks must be returned on time.  Adding an extra hour after a late return is not possible.  Late fees will be charged.  $50 late fee for half day $25 for full day.  



 All reservations are Page time or Phoenix, Az.  Check availability and schedule your reservations now by texting Sean (928) 614-1728.   Traveling in from out of the area?  Make sure your phone settings are adjusted so you stay in the right time zone as you travel in and out of time zone border regions.



Guided paddle experience where you get to learn on the go while having fun!  You get beginner paddle lessons in maneuvering, and water safety from a ACA level 4 kayak instructor.  Summer Lake Powell kayaking and SUP tours, fall Lake Powell kayaking and SUP tours, Winter Lake Powell kayaking tours.  Paddle Express has 4 mph touring tandems that are super easy to paddle, extremely comfortable seats and user friendly features like stability and control.  
Canoe rentals need to call ahead to make sure the reservation date is available.  Weather conditions are not to be taken lightly.  Those who are traveling from outside the area and have afternoon reservations must be ready to depart earlier than planned for a change in departure time due to inclement conditions.   Weather reports are checked daily and several different sources are pooled together to extrapolate the best possible results for the safety of all.  When traveling from outside the area day of customers are more vulnerable to heat exhaustion from the Ultraviolet Radiation Exposure while sitting in the car.  Please be aware of this situation and be advised that rushing to make the reservation time after a 2-4 hour car ride puts you in a bad situation.  Proper rest before your reservation is key for a healthy experience.  Heat exhaustion is very common and very dangerous as signs and symptoms at level 1 are not as noticeable as you would think.   Get ahead of your hydration by means of electrolytes a proper nutrition.  For those who expect to arrive at the departure location at the exact time of the departure time you are late.  Arriving 15 minutes ahead of departure time means you will barely have time to do the proper preparation for launching.  It takes 15 minutes to complete the launching phase of kayaking whether it’s a rental or tour.  It is impossible to park the car at 11:59 and be on the kayak making your first strokes at 12:00. 



Paddle Wahweap bay and see the majestic Grand Staicase, Castle Rock, Ice Cream Canyon and more.  Wahweap bay is out in the open for plenty of sunshine during fall-spring in the colder seasons.  With boat traffic heavy in the summer it can be a challenge to get across the bay.  Phenomenal camping opportunities in this region..



With the lake waterline level being extremely low access to the shore at Lone Rock is 4x4 recommended. 2wd and various awd are subjected to soft sandy spots along the designated sand road that gets down the the shoreline from the end of the gravel pack road. From the end of the gravel pack road customers can walk about 1/4 mile down to the shoreline for lake access.  Paddle Express has available tracks for  and Track Grabbers for those who want a little more adventure and want to camp on the shoreline. 



Ok so you work hard and play time is valuable to you but you don’t know where you’re next adventure can be away from the crowds.  Book a secluded trip to Labyrinth Canyon.  Either overnight or multiple nights.  Call in and ask for details.

30 miles from Antelope Point. Paddle in 4 days



Lake Powell Paddle Express is committed to providing customers with everything they’re looking for.  Please be on time for your delivery reservation.  .  Remember the water is low and all the parking is at the top of the lake level around 3,725’ above sea level at Antelope.   Wahweap main launch ramp is currently a parking lot for those who go there.   The current lake shore level is 3,583 above sea level.  

For inquiries regarding any of our services, please contact us (928) 614-1728

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