Antelope Canyon DIY TOURING 

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Antelope Public Launch Ramp 

Paddle Express delivery operations at Antelope Point Public Launch Ramp for the Antelope Canyon DO IT YOURSELF tours: Look for a Paddle Express van or truck located at the bottom right of the public launch ramp at Antelope Point. From highway 98 exit n22b and head north towards the Antelope Point Entrance booth.  Enter and stay straight around to the left will be the parking lot for the public launch ramp. End of the road n22b.  There is not a physical address to put into GPS.  Paddle Express will be down at the bottom with your gear on the reservation time.  Please be sure to be ready for this half day or full day on the water as launch times are before and after your schedule event so we can launch a squad of DO iT Yourselfers not just a few!    Be ready to go! Last minute bookings are very difficult to accommodate and Paddle Express does the best to squeeze you into the rotation but can’t guarantee to be on time due to trying to do you a favor and get you geared up.  


Delivery, and pickup, VIP services 

Lake Powell Paddle Express is committed to providing customers with a great experience. The rentals are delivered and picked up at the beach, or launch ramp depending on what and when you book.  Customers are responsible for communication at least 45 minutes before pickup indicating they are about to be done with the rentals. Customers are not allowed to abandon their gear and blame it on bad service.  Fees will be charged if this happens.  During delivery  you are also provided directions for your adventures and quick coaching tips on how to paddle like a pro if needed.  If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.  Please do some research first, nothing better than a self sufficient Do It Yourself customer that really just wants something off the trailer ready to go.  Asking questions that answers can be found in the website will most likely go unanswered as the affordable and reasonable prices are set to filter out the customers who can’t research for themselves because Paddle Express doesn’t have extra time to be a Google service or someone to lean on for instant answers.  Half day prices along with full day prices are the most affordable in town for delivery and pickup.  Please don’t take advantage, with expectations of full service transportation to the shore from the trailer and back on the trailer.  Full service is available with advanced bookings and a personal request, extra fees do apply.  Due to the nature of low water levels it is very difficult to get the paddle sport gear down to the water and back so unforeseen wait times for customers can happen.  If you are looking for a lot of front end service please book somewhere else, Paddle Express focuses on the back end when the customer is tired,  and extremely worn out from their day on the water. Paddle Express will be an assistant in the return for  20% gratuity fee and any abandoned rentals will be $50 per each rental.  Gear is not allowed to be left on the shoreline abandoned or dragged to or from the water.  Damage fees of $50 per kayak will be charged if customers are caught dragging gear over rocks, sand, or cement.  Paddle Express excels in finishing the day for the customer not starting it.  Pay for the extra services or do it yourself.  The prices are baseline prices for the DO IT YOURSELF service.   Thank you!


Times & additional add on service fees

Lake Powell Paddle Express is committed to providing customers with options that fit their adventure menu.  Delivery and pickup  times to Antelope and Lone Rock are daily.  Check availability and schedule your reservations now by texting Sean (928) 614-1728.   Last minute bookings within 24 hours on Holiday or special event weekends are extremely difficult to fully accommodate so please book ahead for the best possible service.  Please notify Paddle Express of children for proper life vest fit and weather approval.  Last minute bookings for half days are self assisted launch and retrievals.  These are delivery price point services that do not include full front end or back end accommodation.  It is up to the customers to take the kayak to the shore for yourself and return it back to the trailer as moving the kayak is difficult and challenging with low water levels and certainly an additional service on top of the delivery and pickup.  If you want last minute full service on a half day rental you need to ask if it’s available (time reasons) and be ready to pay a 25-35% additional last minute accommodation fee depending on the total rental price.  One way services are available as well but you must request ahead of time.    All early half day returns are available for an additional $25 early return fee.  All half day rentals are to be returned on time and a $25 dollar per rental per half hour is applied when returned late.  Don’t take advantage of the half day rate, they go back out in the afternoon and other Paddle Express customers count on them being ready.  Additional fees can be paid via Zelle or Venmo.  Zelle (928) 614-1728. Venmo @Paddle_Express or included in the online booking.  


DIY Antelope Canyon fishing tour

 Kayaks come outfitter ready with poles, pole holders for trolling and a small tackle box with the right gear to catch fish.  Take on the adventure of Antelope Canyon and enjoy some fishing while you’re at it. Anglers will be set up to fish for bass and walleye.  Packages vary please contact Sean personally for reservations.


DIY Antelope Canyon tour/DIY Labyrinth Canyon tours

 Paddle Express DIY Antelope Canyon half day and full day and instant booking tour features 10’ sit inside kayaks that are light weight, fast, and efficient as you paddle through aggressive boat chop in the main channel of the lake 1 mile until you enter the mouth of the canyon. Half days launch yourself unless you upgrade. Other kayaks are available too. The total paddle distance from Antelope Point Public Launch ramp to the shores of the canyon is approximately 2.7 miles one way and just over 5 round trip.  The short hike through the narrow section and back is suggested for the 5 hour half day.  The 8 hour full day will get to see more of the canyon and have a bring it yourself pack lunch opportunity in a cool section to the east fork after the narrow section.  5 hour DIY tours are self assisted and do not expect a lot of service on the front end with the incredible price point, the service is on the back end where you don’t have to bring the paddle sport gear back up by yourself if you are in-line with your rental times. During peak season last minute 5 hour bookings (within 48 hours) and 8 hour bookings will be moved to instant booking rates.   5 and 8 hour bookings are not prohibited within 24 hours of a weekend, holiday week/end.  Book in advance for the best customer service.  DIY tours to Labyrinth canyon: multiple day trip 30miles round trip paddle distance.
Suggested Kayak: The Windsport XLSuggested days: 3
The Windsport Tandem XL is available for overnight trips up lake to Labyrinth Canyon and the Old Town Herons are as well.  The round trip is approximately 30 miles.    Delivery to Antelope Point Public Launch Ramp at the bottom. ***There isn’t a physical address to the launch ramp, it’s at the end of the road n22b!!!!   
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Wahweap Bay Stateline cement launch ramp 

Paddle Wahweap bay and see the majestic Grand Staicase, Castle Rock, Ice Cream Canyon and more.  Wahweap bay is out in the open for plenty of sunshine during fall-spring in the colder seasons.  With boat traffic heavy in the summer it can be a challenge to get across the bay.  Phenomenal camping opportunities in this region..


DIY solar sailing

Have you ever wanted to feel the power of the sun transfer into your next adventure?  Paddle Express is staying current with all the growing trends in the most rapidly expanding outdoor market. Solar sailing ⛵️ is simply what it sounds like. Use solar energy system to help you paddle your vessels.  This experience is designed for assistance only not for full time use.  Semi-auto pilot allows for the opportunity to move along slowly with a hands free and foot free experience.  Enjoy the wonders of nature and technology in the silence of solar energy.

For inquiries regarding any of our services, please contact us (928) 614-1728