Frequently Asked Questions & Policies



Customers are responsible for checking the local weather for potential high winds and or rain before booking and the day of their reservation.  Weather reports in the area can change rapidly and it is important to understand the risk involved in high winds.  Winds of 15 mph or stronger Paddle Express can refund bookings day of if the weather is not going to be suitable for paddling.  Weather.com and windy.com are credible sources.  Please check in the night before or the morning of your reservation to make sure weather patterns are stable and the reservation can be kept.  There are plenty of incredible hikes to do in the area when the weather is not suitable for a day on the water.

What is your policy for damages?

The booking customer takes full responsibility for respecting the rentals.  Rentals are inspected before and after use. Please report any and all damages.  Paddle Express takes full responsibility for common wear and tear damages.  Customers are responsible for the proper return of the kayak to the designated location and will be charged if they fail to return the gear to the right location.  

Checking in & checking out

Reception at the lake is touch and go.  Please check in the night before or the day of your reservation at least 60 minutes prior to your time with a text to (928) 614-1728. Afternoon bookings must check in the night before to make sure weather conditions and lake conditions are stable for the afternoon rentals. Calls in the remote service areas in and around Page can and do get dropped.  Text are the best form of communication.  Customer is responsible for communication prior to the end of the reservation at least 45 minutes before the time of the reservation ending.  If cell phone reception i not available customer must remain by the rentals and not abandon them.  

Do you deliver to Houseboats?

Yes we do.   Weekly rates and multiple  rental discounts are available.  The delivery location is at the closest launch ramp to your houseboat rental.  Sorry we don’t swim the vessels out to your houseboat in the main channel like other companies who are established and are comfortable bending the rules by which they are allowed t operate under.  WPaddle Express is a new and small company that gets heavy scrutiny and has to be perfect!

Holiday weekend last minute bookings and last minute changes

Holiday weeks and weekends along with in season weekends are very busy around the lake and last minute bookings along with last minute changes are extremely difficult to accommodate.  Last minute bookings inside of 24 hours (prior to said week/end) to need a text confirmation checking in with (928) 614-1728 giving Sean a heads up you just booked and you need to pick the instant rates. Last minute change in schedule inside of 24 hours requires the same text communication from (928) 614-1728 and change in booking fees along with late fees do apply see policy and terms.  Please don’t over book your schedule and take advantage of Paddle Express time.

Pets &children

Paddle Express loves animals and is pet friendly however $25 cleaning fees may apply if you do not make sure all gear is free and clear of pet hair.  Please bring bags for proper disposal of your pets waste thank you and make sure to bring it back and place it in a prior trash disposal.  No disposable bags left behind in this wilderness thanks again.Please let Paddle Express know ahead of bookings about children for final approval.

Trash left behind 

Paddle Express is not a trash service.  $25 fees per each item of trash left  the rental.

Policies & Customer responsibilities 

Policies and Fees: $25 late fee(s) per person per half hour on the front end of arrival.  $25 cleaning fee if kayak has trash or food debris.  $50 per abandoned piece of gear please send text on your way back to the location where you got the gear it’s pretty simple.  $50 rescheduling fee day of.  Terms: Paddle Express is not responsible for customers who aren’t adequately prepared for a day or half day on the water.  If a customer is late and decides not to use the gear they will be charged late fees and fees for abandoning gear per National Park regulations.  Bring proper fluids, nutrients and make sure you’re rested, not worn out prior to your reservation.  Paddle Express reserves the right to refuse service to anyone showing signs of heat exhaustion, sleep deprivation, and or dehydration.  Paddle Express is experienced and trained in Scene Assessment as a First Responder and understands when customers are on given thresholds of over exposure.   Agitated customers who are mouthy, and disrespectful towards Paddle Express, and any employees are subject to cancellation without refund.  Customers are assessed as they arrive and if they are viewed as unfit, and over exposed to the elements showing signs, and symptoms of health risk they will be denied access to rental equipment on the spot.  Last minute Holiday week, and weekend bookings within 24 hours to the event week or weekend customers must Text Sean for approval, please notify of kids and pets.  After hours bookings during Holiday events or upcoming weekends are subject to rescheduling because of change in weather conditions.  Weather forecast can change within 48 hours around the Lake Powell region.

What is electric assistance?

Do you have a shoulder issue or some medical condition that prevents you from going on a day trip with your group?  Don’t let that set you back Paddle Express is the leader in innovative ways to help all abilities get on the water.  Paddle Express will send you in an electric assistance kayak or canoe.  The assistance is a small light weight battery operated drive with a range of 5 miles at a very low speed, paddle speed of 2km/h.  The equipment will be picked up outside of the National Park as NPS is way behind the curve and doesn’t acknowledge electric assistance as a non motorized delivery.  We are working on it currently and hope the NPS will get current with the paddle community trends and the needs for those who have a medical use condition.  Please call for more information.

What is your policy for being late?

Late fees apply please do your best to be transparent about why you are late and Paddle Express will do the best job to accommodate the inconvenience within reason.  Paddle Express gets really bound up on time when customers are late and later.  Please be punctual as the schedule is one to the next all day long!

Are canoes available?

Are canoes available to rent all season?  Yes they are weather pending.  Paddle Express canoes for day trips and multi day adventures on Lake Powell and the ColoradoRiver.

How is the snowpack in the Upper Basin of the Colorado River 

For a detailed chart on the upper basin snowpack click here: http://www.snowpack.water-data.com/uppercolorado/index.php

Last minute changes, last minute bookings are very difficult to accommodate and compromise other customers experiences.  Let us know what you need, and we’ll do our best to assist you outside of 24 hours.  Inside of 24 hours if schedule needs change Paddle Express will do the best to accommodate the change but reserves the right to refund the reservation if the last minute change compromises the days schedule for other customers.  The last minute change in schedule accommodation on Holiday weekends is not available.  Last minute bookings on Holiday weekends require a text  to (928) 614-1728 for final Express book now service.  5 hour half days rentals are windows of time. If you’re late the clock is ticking as it’s not fair to the rest of the customers in the day of business who are respectful of time and are on time.  Time is the most valuable resource we have in life and Paddle Express does try to keep the days schedule regimented around time for success because it is the constant.   Please don’t call after the reservation time and ask to push it back with high expectations of accommodation.  Paddle Express values the on time customer tremendously. In the day of business Together Everyone Achieves More.  Be a TEAM player for other Paddle Express customers and keep the schedule for a great day on the water. Thank you!